Airsoft Gear Reviews

Serpa Tactial Hard-Case Style Holster

APGtek Tactial Hard-Case Style Holster

I originally started out with a "soft" style drop down leg holster. I much prefer this "hard" style case during airsoft games. The holster mounts on a wide paddle with two leg straps that have some elasticity for increased movement. This case makes drawing the sidearm extremely fast compared to a soft case due to the single button release right where your pointer finger naturally falls just below the slide. This holster is a Serpa Knock off that holds up just as well as the BlackHawk brand. This product can be found on APGtek
Dump Bag

VISM Tactical Dump Bag

This is a recent addition to my gear that has become very useful during matches. It is much faster to throw empty mag or long range optic in the dump bag than trying to shove it back your vest or backpack. This is a cheap eight dollar addition to your combat gear that will pay off in the end. Dump Bag