My Kit

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I use range of different set ups and airsoft rifles based on the situation at hand. The gear listed below is what I use most often.

MultiCam Airsoft Fast Helmet

For almost all scenarios I wear a fast helmet. This helmet balances head protection with minimal weight and functionality. It is easy to use with combat goggles and can mount a variety of accessories such as GoPros, NVGs, and tactical lights. Although, like any helmet it is not comfortable for more than 6 hours on end, so I tend to stow it and wear a boonie or baseball style hat while sniping or when not expecting intense firefights.

Combat Goggles

I have had an incredible amount of trouble finding decently priced combat rated goggles. Finally I found a cheap and affordable pair of fan ventilated goggles that work decently. They will still fog even on the high setting If I am sitting in one spot for too long, but they work pretty well for most firefights. While sniping I often switch to shooting glasses for better eye relief.

MOLLE II Combat Vest

Most airsoft players wear plate carriers or other expensive chest rigs. I highly prefer this MOLLE vest due to its comfort, flexability and load capacity. For the overall price of this setup (around 70 with pouches) it remains extremely useful in all battle scenarios. In these photos, I have the vest loaded to a mountanous terrain configuration. I have two canteens, a med kit, a dump bag, and 3 M1967 M16 mag pouches. I use the older stlye mag pouches because they are more comformtable to hike with and are more space efficiant, allowing me to keep more mags on the vest. I will trade these pouches for a modern Condor elastic tab style mag pouch during shorter duration or close quarters games. The dump pouch is essential to reloading efficiany and I highly recommend getting one.

APGtek Tactial Hard-Case Style Holster

I recently began using this holster because it provides increased draw speed when changing magazines will take too long. It feels very comfortable and prevents movement of the pistol when running.